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If you book directly through our web, you can get  Free visit to Sangenís i Vaqué Wineries or 2x1 to visit the wineries el Masroig. Avantatges exclusives only for clients who booked at www.masfigueres.com:


santgenis thVisit to Santgenís i Vaqué wineries


Visit and tasting of 5 wines free for stays longer than 2 days

At 1978 Pere SANGENÍS and Conxita VAQUÉ began to plant vineyards in the lands of Pere in Porrera, D.O. PRIORAT. We know that these lands have been on the maternal side of their family - MONLLEÓ - since before 1700, and in which the vines were cultivated mainly.



masroigWineries el Masroig

It is one of the most important wineries in the Priorat.

Its foundation goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, concretely in 1917. It has about 500 has its own vineyard, all covered under the Montsant Denomination of Origin, being the largest winery in the denomination.

For being allocated in Mas Figueres you have a 2x1 in the visit to the wineries.